There are risks in trading all assets, if there is any loss that stalls in trading,the Investor will be refunded his investment Capital.
The minimum deposit is only $25, the maximum deposit is $1500, There are other investment plans, Log into your account to see all investment plans.
Profit is returned to investments at every 24 hours from their time of activation, you can withdraw your profit to your bank account or bitcoin wallet after one month cycle
You will earn profit for a period of lifetime, unless you withdraw your trading capital

You can make deposit to your desired plan using the deposit section in your account, choose your preferred payment method you want and make deposit, afterwards upload the prove of payment from your payment section dashboard. The deposit will be credited as soon as the funds are confirmed

No, we have a Backup account holding funds in relation to the amount of invested funds, though we are confident of a full proof trading technique ,we will not claim to be perfect and that is why we offer an assurance to return 100% of investors capital if there is any issue.